How do I get out of safe mode on warzone

How do I get out of safe mode on warzone?

How do I get out of safe mode on warzone? You can Simply get out of safe mode by Selecting Native resolution (1980×1080) and Fullscreen Boderless. Also You need to consider some small thing, While fixing this issue permanently. Just you have to read full article to turn off safe mode.

How do I get out of safe mode on warzone
safe mode error cod

How do I get out of safe mode on warzone ?

So in order to turn off safe mode error, You need to start your game as safe mode. When you will launch your game it will ask you to run your game in safe mode, Do you want to run it yes or no? Then you have to select “yes”.

Now your game will start as safe mode. Now you have to wait until you reached main menu. Once you reached main menu, You will find that graphics of game becomes blurry and grainy. This is the dark side of bug. Now in order to get out of it, You have to go on display section inside setting tab.

How to turn off safe mode Call of Duty

Inside display tab you have to increase some settings. Just you have to change your fullscreen mode to the full screen borderless. Also you have set resolution to the Native, Which means 1980×1080. After that you have save this setting.

Now we need to restart our game, But we can’t close game through task manager. You have to keep pressing ESC button until you back on main menu. Now you have to “Quit” game manually. After You closed your game nicely just click on play now button. Now your error should be fixed.

If you are still getting it, Then try to delete document folder and restart your launcher.

delete document folder from cod
safe mode problem in call of duty

What does it mean to run a game in safe mode?

It means that your call of duty game will look blurry and grainy. If you are running warzone in safe mode then it will consume high system memory, Which will definitely reduces performance While gaming. Same thing also occur with pc. When we launch our windows as safe mode then it reduces its display and performance. So if you are cod in this mode then you need to fix it now.

should you run call of duty in safe mode ?

No, You Should not run call of duty in safe mode, Because it will consume more memory than usual also you will get poor graphics. You will not able to spot any enemy while playing it in safe mode. Some players and models will look so blurry and grainy, Thus makes game unplayable. So conclusion is, You should not run your game as safe mode.

warzone safe mode

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