How To fix Connection failed :Puget-Altus Error in mw2

How To fix Connection failed :Puget-Altus Error in mw2 You can Simply fix puget altus error in cod by Clearing Cache files from your console. This is very simple method, Which already worked for many players. You are facing connection failed issue in different platform like ps5, ps4, xbox & pc.

Solution could different for each platform. So you have to read full article in order to get fix.

Puget-Altus Error MW2 FIX
Puget-Altus Error MW2 FIX

How To fix Connection failed in call of duty game ?

First of all in order to fix puget altus error in call of duty game you need to update your console. Whatever console you are using, You have to update it. Suppose if you have ps5 and ps4 then you can update it by doing this simple steps-

  • go on PlayStation Home screen
  • Now you have to Select Settings
  • Click on System Software Update
  • available update
  • Just click on update then restart your game

I hope your connection failed problem have been solved now. But if you are still getting it, Then try another method. Now lets talk about real way to fix.

Puget altus error in mw2 ?

How to get out of Puget altus error in mw2 ?

To get out of puget altus error in cod mw2, You may need to clear cache memory. This cache memory is useless and it takes lots of space in your console. Also some time it interrupt your game from launching, So we need to clear it. I would share method for both ps5 and ps4 users.

Fix puget altus error in Ps4

If you are ps4 player then you have to turn off your console. After that you have to clear cache files. But if you don’t know about how can you clear cache memory, Then you should follow below steps-

  • turn off ps4 console
  • unplugged the power cable for 60 sec
  • again you have to plug in your cable
  • Now cache files have been removed.

Fix puget altus error in Ps5

If you are ps5 player then also you can fix connection failed in mw2 or warzone by clear cache memory. For that you have to run your console in safe mode. For simple understanding follow below steps.

  • Turn of ps5
  • boot it in safe mode
  • hold power button
  • When you hear second beep, just release the button
  • You will se “Clear Cache and Rebuild Database”
  • Then select “Clear System Software cache “
  • Now press ok button.
  • It will clear cache files from the ps5 console.

How do I puget altus in PC ?

If you are getting puget altus error in pc, Then have to delete call of duty document folder. Just you have to go on document folder and delete call of duty folder. This folder contains players information like their save files or log in details. Many pc players experienced same thing that, When they delete document folder they really got fixed from connection failed problem.

delete document files from call of duty folder
fix connection failed by deleting document folder

But it is possible that this method also not worked for you. Now if you are a battlent user then you have to delete battlenet folder hidden folder. For that you have to do following things-

  1. Type in System search “Run” and hit the enter button
  2. Now type %appdata% and hit the enter
  3. Now you have to delete battlenet folder
  4. Now you have to launch call of duty but now it will ask you to sign in again
go on appdata folder and delete battlenet folder
go on appdata folder and delete battlenet folder

After doing all of this steps puget altus connection failed in call of duty mw2 and warzone 2.0 should be fix.

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