Your profile was signed out warzone

Your profile was signed out fix | Warzone 2.0 & Modern warfare 2

Your profile was signed out fix You can Simply fix this “logged out” problem in cod by Changing Voice channel option to the party only or set to the all. This is how you can easily fix profile signed out issue in warzone 2.0 & Modern warfare 2.

But for Some users it may not work properly, Then they should read full article to get exact fix.

Your profile was signed out mw2

How do I Get Out of Profile Logged out problem ?

First of all, You Should understand that why you are getting such error. There Could be many reasons behind it like Network issue, game update pending, game data files have been corrupted or any other technical aspects.

Finally we know that how to fix call of duty profile sign out problem. Just you have to open your game and go on audio settings. Now you can search or manually find “Voice channel option”. You have to Click on it, Then you have to select Partly only or set to the all. After doing all of this just save your setting. This is how you can solve profile logged out problem in call of duty game.

how to fix profile signed out in call of duty

But if you are still having same issue, Then you need to Close your game completely. Now If you are using battlenet as call of duty launcher, Then you need to delete some hidden folders. For that you have to go on system search and type on it “%appdata% and hit the enter button.

delete battlenet folder from appdata
delete battlenet folder from appdata

To Solve signed out problem in mw2 and warzone 2.0, We need to reset our settings. Once you have reached in appdata folder you need to find battlenet folder. You have to Simply delete it. After deleting battlenet folder you may need to sign in again while launching modern warfare 2 or warzone.

fix profile signed out cod
fix profile signed out cod

Now just Sign in your launcher, This is how you can get out of profile log out problem in cod.

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