How to Play Wwe Games on Mobile Phone

How to Play Wwe Games on Mobile Phone | Creatorsyuga

How to Play Wwe Games on Mobile Phone So gamers, I know that you want to play wwe smackdown on android phone but now the question is can we run it in 2gb ram phone? Yes you can run wwe games in your low end mobile too.

You have to read full article, Otherwise you will not understand properly how can we play wwe smackdown on android phone. Smackdown pain is one of the popular game in wwe games history. So its time to get old days back. In modern world Everyone wants to play it in Mobile phone. So yes we can play it. Now we will understand that, What do we required to play?

How to Play Wwe Games on Mobile Phone
wwe game on android 2gb ram

How to play wwe games on Mobile ?

As we know that, Smackdown was officially released for plastation only. So if we have to play smackdown in android device then we need one software, Which can help us to run game in smartphone. Such software called “Emulator”.

But we all know about demon ps2 emulator, Which comes for mobile users. But this software is not well optimized yet. Finally now we have its other alternative called “AetherSX2“. Good news is, This emulator is well optimized & capable to play hctp pain on android phone even if you have 2gb ram.

play smackdown on AetherSX2
AetherSX2 Wwe Games

If you want to play wwe games on android phone, Then you need Following things:

Installation Process

First of all you have to download Aethersx2 emulator from given link. After downloading it you need bios file to setup. You can download Bios files from here. Now most important thing is to set up everything. If you will miss it then you may not able to play on smartphone device. You can either read full article or follow this video.

hctp pain on android

So in order to run game in phone, You need to follow this step carefully. We can divide our process into several parts to avoid confusion:

  1. First of all make new folder in device called “ps2 game”
  2. After your folder has been created, You need to copy Both Bios and game files & paste it in Ps2 game folder
  3. Just you have to make sure that your game extension should be in ISO format While Bios extension should be in bin format. You can check their format by going on details section
  4. If your game format is in RAR, Then you need to extract it by any software
  5. After pasting Bios and games files in “ps2 folder”, You need to open your emulator now
  6. If you are getting any doubt now, Then you can also clear it from video which I have mentioned
  7. After you launched your emulator it may ask you some permission, So you have to allow them
  8. Now It will ask you to locate Bios files, So you have to simply select “ps2 game” folder and click on Next
  9. Similarly You have to do same thing for game. Emulator will ask you to locate game directory, So again we need to simply select “ps2 game” folder. It may ask you to allow access, So you have to click on it
  10. After doing all steps, You will see Emulator dashboard & also game name should be appear in same place.
  11. Now you have to click on wwe hctp smackdown in order to play on android device.

This is how you can fix your problem easily.

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